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Eagle Rock, california


Found Coffee

A shop for and by community.

Found Coffee is meant to be a gathering place for Angelenos to enjoy specialty coffee, tea, pastries, and each other's company. We are your friendly neighborhood coffee shop: a place that serves the community with exceptional customer service, delicious goods, and a sense of comfort.

As a multi-roaster specialty coffee shop, we support and serve local roasters in Los Angeles and California. We proudly work with Demitasse Coffee Roasters (Los Angeles), Stereoscope Coffee (Buena Park), and Peri Coffee (Altadena) on a regular basis.

Other roasters in rotation have been Augie's Coffee (Inland Empire), Chromatic Coffee (San Jose), Copa Vida (Pasadena), Holy Schmidt Coffee (Irvine), Killer Roasting Co. (Pasadena), Ritual Coffee Roasters (San Francisco), Prospect Coffee Roasters (Ventura), and Supersonic Coffee (Oakland). 

Our 2016 spotlight roasters were: Camber Coffee (Bellingham, WA), Phil & Sebastian (Calgary, AB), Roseline Coffee (Portland, OR), and Spyhouse Coffee (Minneapolis, MN).

We proudly work with Bakers Kneaded (East LA) for baked goods and T-WE (San Francisco) for artisanal looseleaf tea and Japanese ceremonial grade matcha.



(323) 206-5154


1355 Colorado Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041



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Located in the neighborhood of Eagle Rock

Corner of Eagle Vista + Colorado

Parking: lot, street



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